A conscientious definition of health includes the concept of freedom.
Freedom to move, think, and feel the way one would like to rather than the way to which one has become restricted.
Here is what people are saying about their experience
at Acupuncture of Beverly Hills

“From infertility to poor digestion, allergies to low back pain, I have seen many of my difficult cases resolve beautifully under Tara’s care.”

Jill Miller

Yoga Instructor, Founder, “Core Integration”

“Out of the many acupuncturists I have worked with, Tara’s needling techniques are the cleanest, most painless and most pristine I’ve ever experienced. She masterfully dismantles my fear of needles.”

Allyson Gonzalez, MD, OB-GYN

Sea View Gynecology

“Tara Perry has truly honored the alternative medical movement. She possesses great knowledge and intuition, which, combined with her healing nature, creates a powerful natural shift to optimum health. I frequently refer my clients to her knowing that they will receive excellent care.”

John Stange

Massage Therapist

“If you think needles hurt, you’re wrong. If you think all acupuncturists are the same, you’re wrong again. Dr. Perry has a soft touch with an incredible knack for knowing where your pain is and taking care of it at the root. She cares and empathizes with you which allows her to treat every patient with the care and respect they deserve. I will always consult with Dr. Perry even though I no longer live in the LA area. She is simply the answer to every medical prayer I’ve had.”

Christina Dillon

CEO, The Paper Kite

“Just a note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for my daughter. When nothing else worked, your treatments, your caring attitude and your faith in the outcome helped her through a very unhealthy part of her life. We are indebted to you dear Tara.”

Stephanie Van Liere

Corporate Strategy Consultant/Mother

“I can’t believe it. It’s so relieving! I just feel like a new person. It’s the most transformational experience!”

Ellen Miller

“For the last six years, Tara’s acupuncture has been my first choice for treating various ailments. Without a doubt, the healing process of acupuncture has been quick and effective treatment for me. I highly recommend it for anyone who is not getting satisfactory results from modern medical treatments. Tara’s diagnoses are very precise and her attentive, caring nature is a valuable addition to her thorough knowledge of Chinese medicine.”

Terry Marcozzi

Computer Analyst

“I have been a patient of Tara’s for eight years. Tara’s acupuncture has helped me recover from numerous physical ailments in a very short amount of time (knee surgery, back problems and elbow problems to name a few). Tara’s treatment is safe and effective and I am happy to recommend it to others.”

Jacques Gravett

TV Film Editor

“I’ve been a patient of Tara’s for several years now, not for the same ailment for if that were so, she wouldn’t be a wondrous healer. Tara has done away with a left shoulder injury (tennis no doubt – I’m a south paw), terrible tightness at the base of my neck (where I carry my tension), and pain in the right knee after an MRI showed a torn meniscus. One of the very best things Tara has done for me has been to release me of my lifelong chocolate addiction – an act that not only made me feel better but caused me to lose 18 pounds!”

Micky Freeman

Retired Publicist

“Tara Perry has helped me through kidney stones, bronchitis, knee problems, and various muscular ailments. Each time the treatment she administered was preferable and far superior than what “modern” medicine offered. This form of ancient oriental medicine is very wise and Tara is highly skilled at it.”

Lori Nafshun


“I have been very pleased with what Tara’s acupuncture has done for my patients and my family over the years. It has shown itself to be remarkably effective for a wide range of medical conditions. And, as an added bonus, it tends to give one a profound sense of well being.”

Dr. Denise Williamson

Orthopedic Surgeon

“I have confidently referred many patients to Tara for acupuncture care. I have found it effective for my patients who need or want noninvasive treatment, and often it eliminates the need for more invasive treatment.”

Dr. J Randal Davis

Orthopedic Surgeon, LA Sports Medicine and Surgery Group

“Tara’s regular acupuncture sessions helped alleviate my back pain during one of my more demanding seminars”

T. Harv Eker

Business and Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” (acupuncture sessions were taped and will be viewable on Harv’s Internet Club)

“And now I’d like to introduce to you an acupuncturist I know very well because she saved my life many times. Please welcome Tara Perry.”

Florence Henderson

Introducing Tara on Lifetime Television’s Speaking of Women’s Health

digestive issues and allergies

“After over four years of abdominal pain and numerous visits to three gastroenterologists and one nutritionist with no relief, I was finally referred to Tara Perry by my OB-GYN. A little unsure of how acupuncture could help me, I had far surpassed my pain tolerance and was willing to try anything. During the first session, my pain seemed to melt away and it was the first time that I had been pain free in months. Ecstatic with my immediate results, I continued frequent sessions with Tara in order to fine-tune my body’s balance. Now after a mere three weeks, I have been able to reincorporate foods into my diet that I was told by my gastroenterologists that I would probably never be able to eat again. Tara has truly given me a new life and enormous amounts of hope. I am so grateful to her!”

Kathryn Stiefvater


“Tara has helped me tremendously with problems I was having with my digestive process. She is highly skilled at what she does. I recommended her to a friend and she’s also experiences great results. Tara is a healing presence. Her manner is soothing. Healing takes place on many levels with her care. I highly recommend her!”

Patricia Kingery

Script Supervisor


“I have endured two surgeries for endometriosis. I wish I had the knowledge of acupuncture before I went through these. As the pain slowly began to come back I began to see Tara. She has helped immensely. Her personal interest in you and gentle touch change my own energy and encounters. It is a relief physically and mentally to know you have someone who makes a difference in you life.”

Elana Hirschman

CEO, Oceans of Emotion


“I have worked with dozens of acupuncturists in my life and I had no idea it could be so effective as just one treatment with Tara. Within hours of seeing her, symptoms I had been experiencing disappeared and I starting feeling like I remembered myself feeling when I was feeling really really good! Her work is potent suff!”

Aleks Evangnelidi


“Thank you for your loving care throughout the year. I may not see you often, but when I do, it really works!”

Paula Williams

Retail Manager

“Thank you so much for saving my friend from surgery. We are singing your praises!”

Kevin Sullivan

Blockbuster Motion Picture Director “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”, “Barber Shop” & “Guess Who”

“Dr. Perry has one of the most comprehensive knowledge bases of alternative medicine available.”

John Steele

CEO Lifetree Aromatics

“I feel certain my acupuncture sessions with Tara not only helped to balance my monthly cycle but also contributed to achieving my long awaited pregnancy. I appreciate Tara’s expertise and I plan to continue sessions throughout my pregnancy. Thanks Tara!”

Michelle James

Media Sales

“Tara’s knowledgeable approach to acupuncture was recommended by my gynecologist as an alternative and proactive infertility treatment. What I have found with Tara is much, much more. To quote my mother, I am now a new “better” person. With each visit, new physical, emotional, and spiritual layers reveal themselves. In a nutshell, Tara has helped me discover an energizing, relaxing, inspiring and calming path within myself.”

Julia L. Pike


“Thank you so much for helping me conceive my two children. My husband and I were just about to turn to fertility drugs and invitro, and I am so happy that we didn’t have to!”

Susan Pascal


“Tara has assisted in getting some of our most difficult cases pregnant.”

Cheirel Gustavis-Person

RN at Reproductive Partners in Beverly Hills as quoted in “Conceptions and Misconceptions” a well-respected and informative book on achieving fertility.