Welcome to AcuVitale! Your source for drug-free, surgery-free healing!

Welcome to AcuVitale! Your source for drug-free, surgery-free healing!people-821624_1920

It is my great pleasure to be in my 18th year of assisting my patients in enjoying longer healthier lives free of unnecessary drugs and surgery.kayaking-569282_1280

We live in a time where a surprising number of people die or become incapacitated by the very medical care they receive. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports that an astonishing 225,000 deaths per year are CAUSED by their medical care! That number is more than a 747 full of people “crashing” every single day. How long would the aircraft industry be in business with a track record like that?

These fatalities include unnecessary surgeries, hospital infections, hospital errors, medication errors and an astonishing 106,000 deaths from the negative effects of medications.

I am happy to see a trend of more and more people making safer healthier choices by seeking healthier diet and lifestyle alternatives.

More and more safe, holistic healthcare choices are being made by people whose careers depend on looking and feeling their best. Celebrities like Gwyenth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Simpson and David Arquette are all fans of the odd but effective asian medical treatment of cupping. Cupping is were suction is applied (most typically to the back and neck area) often leaving a tell-tale mark that can last days or weeks. Jessica Simpson even tweeted to her followers “Love It!” regarding it’s tension and detoxing effects. meditation-972472_640

In addition to it’s undeniable pain relief effects (It’s well known that it can be used in lieu of anesthesia for many surgeries), acupuncture benefits extend to conditions such as weight loss, anxiety and fertility.

In my next blog, we will ask and answer the most common question I hear from prospective patients, “does acupuncture hurt?”.

In two weeks, we will be exploring and answering the complex and mysterious question, “how does acupuncture work?”.

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